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Karns Community Info

Karns Volunteer Fire Department

A.    Chartered Under The Tennessee General Act of 1970 on March 7, 1978

B.    Chartered as a Not-For-Profit Corporation to provide, help provide, and to promote the provision of fire protection in the Karns area

C.    The organization is governed by Policies and Procedures and By-laws

Area Served

     Sixty-five square miles, including Karns, Ball Camp, Hardin Valley, and Solway Communities and over 40,000 residents
Source of Revenue

A.    Payments from Businesses and Residents
B.    Grants and Disbursements from County and State

Services Provided

A.    Fire Response
B.    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – Basic Life Support (non-transport)
C.    Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness
D.    Rescue Support
E.    Non-Emergency Public Assists
F.    Public Education

Membership, Stations, and Equipment

A.    Membership
    1.    Active
        a.    Firefighter’s
        b.   Administrative Support
    2.    Probationary
    3.    Conditional
    4.    Honorary
    5.    Inactive

B.    Stations
    1.    District One : 6616 Beaver Ridge Road, serves 37921, 37931, 37849 (Karns, Parts of Powell, and Ball Camp)
    2.    District Two : 2150 N Campbell Station Road, 37932 (Hardin Valley and Solway)
    3.    4725 Guinn Road 37931, 37830 (Solway)
    4.    8109 Ball Camp Pike 37931, 37923
    5.    11419 Hardin Valley Road (shop)

C.    Apparatus
    1.    Four Engines (Class A Pumpers)
    2.    One Reserve Engine
    3.    Three Tankers
    4.    One SUV Command Vehicle
    5.    One Chief Vehicle
D.    Apparatus on order or planned to order
    1. One new Class A pumper

ISO Rating
Rated a Class Seven from the Insurance Services Organization
Our dispatch operates on a frequency of 154.190 MHz

Our business office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.

The main office is located at 3224 Meadowrun Ln, Knoxville, 37931.(Sits on corner of Oak Ridge Hwy and Meadowrun Ln.)

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Privacy and Security Notice
Karns Volunteer Fire Department
P.O. Box 7184
Knoxville, TN 37921
Voice: (865)691-1333
Emergency: 911

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